Q: Why hasn’t anyone else provided the answers that CIS offers?

A: Others have tried and done bits and pieces of our larger scale visions, but none have been able to do it. Most efforts have been done within the federal government, which has limited and lengthy processes to achieve anything.


Q: Is the state government involved with this company?

Though we will need to work closely with parish and state agencies to make our system work, we are a privately owned company.


Q: Do states lose money when contractor fraud occurs?

A: Fraud costs all of us money!!!


Q: My friend and his buddy want to build us a nice outside kitchen and patio. They are unlicensed but can offer us a really good deal. Why wouldn’t I go this route?

A: If anyone gets hurt on the job – you are 100% liable for their injuries. You can call your insurance to verify this fact. Also, you are hurting the licensed contractor who pays his insurance and all the proper licensing fees and has to charge a little more.